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    Product process

    Each electronic board have to pass rigorous  test. And 24 hours Aging test,   Top manufacture environment. international standard, Dust free against static  electricity , Constant temperature workshop .    Fully automatic surface mounting equipment   8 temperature area for paster   that make sure each element firmly pastered. Make sure each product is completely safe and reliable. Only under such manufacture environment. Can (guarantee) that main board function reliable and steady.    
    Products surface as smooth as mirror: we Make the bidet of product surface smooth, clean, and delicate, plastic let bidet surface and ceramic bowl  surrounding forms an integrated image, absolutely without color differences.  HILK owned intellectual property. Ceramic simulation plastic, it will  help improve the products value
     We are producing type factories。We have tanks of all sizes. all sorts of Heating Method,way of flushing water,Various nozzle of cleaning methods , variety of function and a wide range of optional functions, we can produce any special type under customer's requirement. Add a function or remove a function.

    Product process

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