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    Followed the international trend smart toilet toilet revolution triggered a new round of  Date:2014-7-10

            Today's home decor industry increasingly followed the international trend. In the household goods of choice, more people buy fashion with art, science and technology of personalized products, not only pay attention to the brand, but also the pursuit of advanced product features and modernity. Past, less attention has become a modern bathroom space decoration focus, even the toilet has always been simple new look also appeared in front of us. New toilet is not only in the shape of a face-lift, more diversified in function, so you can both enjoyable and fun day to Xinggefangpian automatic intelligent toilet are common toilet do not have high-tech features, such as the buttocks rinse with warm water adjustment, seat heating, automatic deodorization, mute seated, warm air drying, automatic flushing and other functions, with full remote control while sitting on the toilet touch the remote control, all functions at your fingertips.