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    Hilk smart toilet make you no cold winter  Date:2014-7-10

    Yiyezhiqiu, a known winter ride. You've put on a gown, your home toilet refused transvestites. Sweater where you feel like a warm spring-like atmosphere, the cold toilet has repeatedly stimulate your nerves, will you back to the fact that winter.
    Ordinary toilet early in the design, without taking into people's bitter winter chills toilet, today, there are still many families use the traditional toilet, there are a considerable number of people do not understand smart toilet with warm lap feature.
    Hi Kang smart toilet with seat heating function, can promote the body blood circulation, coupled with warm water and purge function, for relieving constipation great effect. Seat temperature settings are also more flexible, fourth gear adjustable: normal file, 34 ℃, 37 ℃, 40 ℃, different temperatures to different physical needs of consumers with a variety of options.
    Modern women long sitting in the office, lack of exercise, the body's resistance is relatively poor, winter colds, another menstrual period pain, distress affect their quality of life is also a major factor. Seat heating can promote blood circulation of the lower body, you can ease the pain of menstrual period. In addition to men also have hemorrhoids relief effect.
    Elderly mobility, body functions gradually decline in all aspects of immunity and resistance are plummeting, toilet time is relatively long, one-touch function keys allow them to easily go to the toilet, warm seat can promote blood circulation elderly , active muscles, physical health care for the winter quite beneficial.
    With the people's living standards improve, more and more consumers begin to accept or subscribe smart toilet. Smart toilet with its user-friendly design and powerful features for consumers to effectively warm and comfortable experience.
    This winter you think to yourself, your family has another warm lap enabled smart toilet? If you do not want to replace any original home toilet, consider Jardine intelligent toilet cover, the same can easily be converted into a smart toilet at home, just in general on the basis of the toilet base put hi Kang smart potty cover, you can say goodbye winter cold, feeling Jardine bring toilet in the spring.