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    Hilk smart toilet so you reap its  Date:2014-7-10

    When the traditional toilet plug technology wings, causing more than just once industrial upgrading, but also a toilet revolution. Robot era still out of reach, but in the bathroom, but it can be achieved through smart products "sit back and enjoy." Here, the toilet is a stylish experience by smart technology brings historic toilet cleaning revolution. Smart toilet sanitary ware market has become a blue ocean.
    Although the smart toilet is also much less than the degree of popularity, but more and more people pursue a healthy, green living, smart toilet is no longer a distant product, but a collection of high-end and new darling of the fashion of the times . Shapes, fully functional smart toilet has been more and more attention, we believe that the time has come smart toilet.
    It is understood that the current domestic smart toilet penetration is still very low, only 3% -5%. The penetration rate in Japan has reached 90%. On the other hand, the smart toilet has been widely accepted understanding is also an indisputable fact. IKEA decorative vice president Wang Zhebin said, now far from popular smart toilet, only the majority of villas, big house and other smart toilet is installed, however, although not common units installed, but it has left a power outlet. Smart toilet for specific consumer groups can play a significant supporting role. Brand of sanitary ware will also elderly, pregnant women inconvenience behavior, including women, hemorrhoids and other patients as early promotion appealing. In fact, the toilet upgrade is a symbol of high quality of life, universal smart toilet is the trend, the consumption of a healthy fashion.
    Smart toilet has one and split the points, but it also has features comparable, which is talked about by people wash clean, dry massage, seat heating and other functions. For existing homes, but want to experience the traditional toilet intelligent toilet technology who split is a good choice.
    Kang Xi modern young people well versed in the concept of product performance and user experience has unique insights for millions of families to solve the health problems after using the toilet, allowing you to reap pure intelligent life!