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    Hilk smart let you enjoy when you are on toilet  Date:2014-7-10

    Smart toilet is a revolutionary product in the history of human life, to meet people's quality of life, the pursuit of health, the use of set microcomputer processing technology, intelligent electronic control technology, automatic sensors and other means of modern high-tech research and production out of the Smart Toilet, breaking the thousands of years of traditional toilet, enabling a caring human comfort needs, a new generation of environmental concern toilet culture change.
    Hi Kang smart toilet and common toilet compared to exactly what difference does it make? We compare the following categories:
    Cleanliness Contrast: Smart toilet toilet after each use will be self-cleaning; common toilet with urine traces, dander, hair or invisible contaminants.
    Bacteria level comparison: smart toilet with deodorant sterilization function can effectively prevent cross-infection of bacteria. Seat warm in winter can sit comfortably at ease use; ordinary winter to cover the toilet seat, or cold, plush seat cleaning inconvenient, it is also easy to stay on top of the bacteria.
    Comfort contrast: smart toilet a button to complete the buttocks cleaning, air drying, automatic flush, you can enjoy in the bathroom reading newspapers, playing phone; common toilet every action had yourself, cause the phone often fall into the .
    Cost comparison: Hi Kang smart toilet water-saving, powerful, self-cleaning dry buttocks, without the use of toilet paper; common toilet out of health considerations, many people on the seat cushion covered with toilet paper after use, the resulting tissue, water waste.
    Health Contrast: smart toilet hygiene can reduce the workload and ensure hygienic quality; But even ordinary toilet hygiene increases the workload of health has not been completely resolved.
    As can be seen from the above comparison, the benefits of using smart toilet still a lot of consumers in our country will gradually be close friends.