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    Rated Voltage :

    220V-240V    50 HZ

    Power Consumption:


    Power Cord Length:

    1.5 m (5 feet)

    Water Consumption

    Full Flush: 6 Liter

    Flushing System:

    Siphon jet,  Tornado flushing

    Posterior Wash:

    Max 0.7 Liter/min

    Feminine Wash:

    Max 0.7 Liter/min


    Max 0.7 Liter/min

    Water Temp:

    Adjustable34, 37,40

    Water Tank:


    Heater Capacity:

    1600 W

    Seat Temperature:

    Adjustable34, 37,40

    Heated Capacity:

    45 W

    Water Pressure:

    0.15 Mpa  --- 0.75 MPa

    Waterproof Rating:

    IPX 4

    Inlet water Temp:

    --- 35 

    Ambient Temp:

    --- 40 

    Dimension:  L: 660mm × W: 400mm ×H: 540mm


    42 KGS

    Detailed Products


    intelligent toilet seat cover


    Lady wash     :   Cleanse feminine area
    Nozzle Position Oscillating and Massage Wash :   Adjust nozzle position


    Posterior wash & Enema :   cleanse buttocks area &  good for constipation patients to help pass motion
    one piece intelligent smart toilet instant heating


    intelligent toilet seat cover

    intelligent toilet seat cover

    Seat Heating:   Adjust seat temperature 34°C  37°C  40°C
    intelligent toilet seat cover
    Warm Wind and Dry:  Dry the wet part after cleaning
    intelligent toilet seat cover
    Self –cleaning nozzle :
    intelligent toilet seat cover



    Ceramic big size auto flush bathroom intelligent toilet

    Intelligent commode closestool  Smart lavatory nightstool


    Ceramic big size auto flush bathroom intelligent toilet

    Ceramic big size auto flush bathroom intelligent toilet
      auto flush bathroom smart intelligent toilet



    Function& Descriptions:



    Posterior Wash:

    Cleanse posterior

    Feminine Wash:

    Cleanse feminine area

    Enema :

    Good for constipation patients to help pass motions


    Dry the wet part after cleaning

    Water pressure:

    Adjust water pressure

    Nozzle Position:

    Adjust nozzle position


    Cleanse with nozzle movement back and forth

    Seat Temperature

    Adjust seat temperature

    Water Temperature:

    Adjust water temperature

    Dry Temperature:

    Adjust dry temperature

    Remote Control:

    All functions of bidet to be operated by remote

    Operation Lamp:

    Indicate current operation

    Auto Flushing:

    Automatically flush the ceramic by feces or urine

    Remote control flush:

    Full flush and small flush available by remote control

    Power Saving:

    Save power while no use

    Air bubble flow wash:

    Make one feel more comfortable

    Anti Electric Leakage:

      Automatic power failure when leakage occurs.


    Eliminates bad smell from the bathroom

    Seat slow drop down:

    Damper make seat open or close low noise and stable

    Luminous function:

    LED light make bowl warm and fragrant feeling

    Prevent Over-heating:

    Temp sensor&controller prevent  temp over-heating

    Backup Button:

    Button is used when remote control wouldn`t work


    Self-check and warning when product falilure occurs

    Manual Flushing:

    Use Manual Flushing button to discharge when power off

    Self –cleaning nozzle:

    Before wash function, self clean nozzle with water

    Cleaning wand Button:

    Press the button, nozzle will extended, easy for cleaning

    Anti-pollution process:

    Both In the ceramic parts, seat and nozzle  parts