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    Smart bathroom less than 1% penetration in our country  Date:2013-5-25

    Intelligent toilet seat originated in the United States, but with the late 60s of last century, Japan TOTO and INAX (INAX) were introduced independently developed Toilet Seat, core technology gradually monopolized by Japanese companies. At present, Japan is the smart toilet seat penetration highest in the country. In 1992, the penetration rate is still only 14% in 2000 has been raised to 41%, in 2008 was 68%, today it is over 70%. Followed by South Korea, the penetration rate of nearly 60%. In addition, U.S. penetration rate of 43% and 36% in Europe.
        Smart Commode enter the Chinese market for nearly 10 years of history, it has not been developed slowly. Domestic enterprises have also been smart potty technologies and processes to explore, and some have their own bathroom brand smart potty products, but there are still uneven product technology issues. Smart bathroom penetration rate in China was less than 1%. Hindering factors in addition to its low consumer awareness outside, there are two existing product differentiation serious, on the one hand is an international brand products, fully functional, good quality, but there are high prices, styles and less problems; while another regard, although the price of domestic brands have a great competitive advantage, but can not guarantee product quality and after-sales service. But with increasing competition nowadays sanitary industry is reflected in the energy, electronic technology competition, especially as more and more 80,90 married and has gradually become the main force of sanitary ware market consumption, the ability to accept new things they and willingness stronger than the parents' generation. As they grow, electronic bathroom sanitary ware industry will become the new darling.
        August this year, listed as "national housing industry base" enterprise, the benefits of bathroom ceramic sanitary ware is the country's largest conglomerate, the benefits of the technology level and scale of production in the industry has a certain leading position. And the first to realize the sanitary industry electronics, intelligence needs, in 2006, the benefits of smart Commode EPO (EPO for justice in the epochal, meaning a new era, an epoch-making) have independent R & D success, becoming the top ceramic technology and leading electronic technology the perfect combination, EPO is the emergence of a milestone in the history of China's bathroom.
        EPO smart toilet rely on electronic technology leader, from the traditional functions Toilet, intelligent features, user-friendly features to do the refinement innovation. Original swirling flow technology, through computer control, start swirling swirling flow nozzle single column, wash the inside of the toilet flushing effect cleaner; hi-tech anti-sticking coating specially glazed, so that can not easily be sticky surface stained toilet, washing breeze; auto-sensing flushing function, people left, the toilet can be flushed automatically senses, without manual operation. Various smart technology demonstrated outstanding feature stunning. Of particular concern is that, EPO fully embodies the humane care to bring technological innovation: for the first time on a global scale with a digital temperature sensor, capable of temperature, seat temperature for precision measurement and control, and through color LED display with full digital display that allows consumers to go to the toilet at any time, well aware of the environment; fourth gear adjustable heated seat, fully consider the feelings of consumers winter temperature; warm and soft shimmer cylinder lighting, which is convenient to use the bathroom at night and consumers does not eliminate its deep sleep, indeed intimate matter, and fully meet consumer demand for quality of life pursuit.
        In the following, the benefits of even spend a lot of human and financial resources, inputs to the development and design of electronic bathroom, from the faucet to the maglev wash basin, bathtub and even electronics, have devoted a benefit of the user's attentive care, more so Widex has been at the forefront of the domestic electronics bathroom industry!
        According Widex bathroom CEO Wang Yanqing introduced in 2012 is the 30th anniversary of the birth of benefits up to the day, but also the future of benefits up to a year, the benefits of the new brand strategy has thus kicked off, the benefits of sanitary After 30 years of development, has been reviewed by a ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing companies, to develop into the leading brand in China sanitary industry, and completed in the bathroom industry related diversification layout. Widex has been focusing on brand building, and put a lot of investment and repeated transformation and innovation, the formation of a certain brand accumulation, have a higher visibility. This year marks the 30th anniversary Widex, as an opportunity, the benefits of a comprehensive upgrade Widex brand, with a new image of the face distributors, strategic partners, employees and investors in the future, setting off a new round of innovation, then start trend.
        Looking abroad, electronic bathroom has a long history, mature technology, market stability, especially in South Korea, in the electronic industry in particular is walking in front of the world, South Korea's electronic bathroom penetration has remained first in the world and the world of sanitary industry has produced a significant impact! Widex Korean electronics bathroom set up R & D center, as a new brand strategy an important part, but also the benefits of integration and international brands in order to absorb foreign advanced sanitary technology innovation an important step. In addition, the benefits of the establishment of many overseas R & D centers in Korea to establish a new research and development center is to learn, absorb, South Korea's advanced electronic innovation sanitary technology, so as to promote the development of China's electronic bathroom, leading the development trend of China's electronic bathroom enhance the Chinese people Sanitary consumption levels.