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    Smart bathroom trends  Date:2014-7-10

    With the rapid development of technology, people's lives become more convenient, home of the intelligence level is also rising. In recent years, a number of brands under the guidance of the international sanitary, sanitary industry is gradually coming into our technological era.

    User-friendly features and energy saving will become the trend

         Our bathroom products constantly updated, automation, intelligent products continue to appear in the eyes of consumers, but many companies are ignoring sanitary humane attention to this aspect. In fact, whether automated or intelligent, and are based on the needs of people as a reference, which is the basis of their humanity.
         Domestic water is one of the main channel of water use. In China, many families there is a serious waste of water phenomena, such as dripping faucet, toilet flushing and so many water resources caused by waste, so buy a smart water-saving bathroom products as environmentally friendly solutions to water waste the key. In the water-saving sanitary ware, sanitary environment more and more attention today, the development of energy-saving bathroom products not only meet consumer demand, it is sanitary enterprises should bear social responsibility.
         According to the survey, China's current smart bathroom less than 1% penetration, smart bathroom market pending further explore, but we all believe that intelligence is the future trend of home life. With the change in the consumer age, a new generation of mainstream consumers will be the pursuit of fashion, a simple life mainly young people, smart bathroom is also easier to be accepted by them. As to how far the way, you also need to work together throughout the bathroom industry, as well as opportunities for the industry to grasp.