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    Current how to do smart bathroom products  Date:2014-7-10

    For intelligent, now we are faced with an embarrassing problem, one is that the domestic intelligence cover, it can be said there are problems on the whole, we should say failed, so we are doing the smart bathroom domestic market, in the past two, three years are subject to great harm, we use the cover of supporting domestic sell later, smart toilet repair rate reached 70 or 80%, so now go and get a one way consumers resolve these issues.

    Finally, we have determined, all from South Korea's third-largest electric company imports, the company I disclose that it is for many international famous brands OEM one do Bianjiebao company. We simply asked cooperation, and now smart cover all imported from South Korea, is the whole cover all done before to take over, we put something, thus ensuring our customers use it without any problems. In this one year, we have launched a year, I feel very good, and occasionally a little problem, all our service personnel door can simply deal with, do not have another replacement parts.

    At present, almost every company is doing smart bathroom products, and even many sanitary enterprises themselves are doing the smart cover, I think this is a terrible thing, because the professional things should be done by a professional person. Cover completely is an intelligent product, in fact it belongs to the IT industry, we have done this thing people to do the toilet is completely interlaced, cross too far, so we do things out inevitably lead to various , we simply can not control some cases, this will give our intelligent toilet promotion in China have very adverse results. So now we advocate is that this is our weaknesses, the moment we rely on foreign countries.