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    Traditional bathroom in innovation  Date:2014-7-10

    In the last in 2012, bathroom appliance industry to move forward in the reform and development. Summarize the experience of the past year, encountered in the process of developing new situations and new problems, the future sanitary ware, household appliances direction of development, we can expect 2013 will still stick in innovation, transformation and forward.

    Cross-border integration, product, market, capital and other multi-level strengths; innovation and transformation to seek market model, profit model breakthroughs; With the power of innovation, and actively explore new markets; industry in the various attempts in the future direction of touch probe .

    Innovative marketing model, cognitive level across the industry

    In this era of growing integration of resources, cross-border integration of resources has become a whole appliances, bathroom industry trend.

    Undergraduate With keen insight into the dynamics of the market, the organic integration of water purification systems, hot water systems and traditional ware resources, that "intelligent overall integrated bathroom," a new concept, and in the industry's first "cross" innovative marketing model, the integration of home appliances and Sanitary building channels for baths experiential marketing. This is undoubtedly the traditional cognitive levels across the industry, the consumer market will be the traditional bathroom transformative impact, either from the overall product design support, consumer buying patterns, product sales channels, or to the final consumer bathing experience, will produce very different. Bachelor this innovative marketing model, to get attention and recognition within the industry, changes in the market and industry of new forces.

    Unique business model, create a global pilot plant

    Undergraduate own erected on a unique business model to build the brand, integrating the industry's most high-quality supply of resources, to create "cloud platform." Through intensive, restructuring and other means of resources, capital, labor, information and other economic factors, the optimal configuration and maximum efficiency. Raw materials and advanced equipment suppliers from the United States, Singapore, Hungary, Denmark and other countries, the allocation of resources globally. Meanwhile, the costly investment in research and development, and implementing the pilot plant concept, not only by exporting goods, but external output standards. To this end, the Division hired a large number of industry elite technical staff of a large professional research team, and with well-known technical institutions to establish long-term cooperative relationship, but the overall built area of ​​1000m2 integrated sanitary technology experience center with 1300m2 national undergraduate experiment center. In just two years, the overall integrated undergraduate bath in water purifiers, water heaters, sanitary ware and other products were obtained covering the core components, structure, technology, design and other aspects of almost a hundred patents, became the industry leader.

    The new bathroom ecosystems, beyond consumer expectations

    At present, the whole bathroom is still in development forward in the exploration stage, but also a serious problem homogeneity shall be approved by prominent. Undergraduate virtue of market dynamics keen thinking, years of market research, and effectively grasp the real needs of users, foresight of healthy water systems, water heater system, sanitary ware integration of three product groups, creatively put forward the "smart overall integration bathroom, "a new concept, and has always been committed to become the world's top overall integrated intelligent sanitary ware brand. Undergraduate overall integrated intelligent sanitary ware is not, nor is it a single water heater, but not a single water purifier, undergraduate overall integration bathroom is through undergraduate patented technology, both as a link to the front of the water purifier, water heater and mid-end ware together organically, forming a perfect bathroom ecosystems and provide the perfect healthy water and invigorating bath solution. This time the industry has traditionally been perceived subversion of innovation, beyond the expectations of consumers, not only for one-stop shopping experience, the service also provides great convenience and style of the bathroom each product into a unified whole environment medium.