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    Great Pyramid of sanitary ware market or way popular smart bathroom  Date:2014-7-10

    State Council executive meeting called "soaring prices of second and third tier cities should take the necessary" restriction "measures", in this context, on second and third tier cities will be implemented "restriction" of the time, continue to spread the message list and other types of . Reporter was informed that recently the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has drafted a new round of the purchase list of cities, the purchase of the city or exceed 100, the purchase of a new one if you turn, means that the home improvement building materials market will face a new round of challenges.

         Additionally, this year, rising prices, rising labor costs, weakness in overseas markets, the ceramic sanitary ware companies under increasing pressure. How to respond to constantly raise the multiple pressures become a top priority for home improvement bathroom business.

         Domestic brand Wrigley bathroom, Ida and other places and cheap as a foothold to expand market share. And like Japan, Toto, Ina, JADO other international sanitary ware brand put eyes locked domestic high-end market, launched a series of high-end products.

         Insiders told reporters: "The state's macro-control is unavoidable, especially for the regulation of real estate, which affected the sanitary industry, from the point of view the recent market trends, intelligent at the same time, environmental protection, energy saving will become more obvious concept of consumption, because doing business even in large-scale promotional activities to lower the price, the product is still no one will buy. currently only train their internal strength of enterprises, the enterprise internal management is good, to look based on the long-term development, is correct the road. "

         Face of pressure, first-tier cities in China brainchild of international sanitary ware brand also extending their reach to second and third tier markets. And develop appropriate marketing measures, to secure a firm line market, while expanding the market share of second and third tier markets. Different market positioning, product line diversification requirements. Experts said: "The great pyramid Chinese sanitary ware market in smart bathroom this area there will be more growth.